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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Additions, and What's To Come

We have a couple funny guy additions, and our first two musical additions, The Posies, and Jaguar Love.

First let's talk about the Posies. One of the fun things about the Sasquatch main site listing which stage each band will play is making mock schedules, updating them with additions, trying to figure out how many open slots there are, and planning for possible conflicts. Well, we have a slight curve ball already, as the Posies are listed as playing the Wookie Saturday, yet the Wookie was already full with eight acts.

Most who follow My Morning Jacket know they've played really long sets in the past, over three hours at Bonnaroo. Since they are the highest billed act of the festival, it is safe to say they will be allowed to play as long as they want. The Wookie typically is scheduled to end around 10:15pm, but a late night show to compete with My Morning Jacket would suit many. It just so happens the highest billed act tentatively scheduled to play the Wookie Saturday night is Deadmau5. How would a 10:30pm to midnight Deadmau5 show work for you?

Speaking of the comics, four have been added since the initial poster unveiling. Todd Barry and Rory Scoval were added to Monday's tent, soon after the initial lineup was released, but Scoval has since been moved to Sunday's lineup. Mike Birbiglia was added to Sunday's lineup earlier this week, and Moshe Kasher was recently added to Saturday. This leaves four comedians on Sunday, and two the other days, which probably means we should expect four more comedy additions.

As for other open slots, expect two main stage adds (one Monday, one Sunday), and two Yeti add (Sunday and Monday).


Anonymous said...

Any Ideas about who these adds might be?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah dude they're going to add soundgarden


Amit said...

So, Jaguar Love and Past Lives are playing on the same day. What are the chances of a Blood Brothers reunion?

know ID yuh said...

With Pearl Jam touring through July, I would guess Soundgarden's reunion wouldn't start until late July at the earliest. It wouldn't make too much sense to play a couple reunion shows, then take a couple months off while your drummer tours with a different band.

Future possible additions:

-Xiu Xiu could happen after they play their late March show in Olympia.

-Ramona Falls is opening for the National in late May, and would fit nicely on the Yeti stage.

-Ozomatli is touring in support of a new album, with no NW dates scheduled.

-Broken Bells are playing a couple shows. Who knows if they will continue touring, but Mercer is a NW guy.

A Blood Brothers reunion, that is unlikely. If they were to reunite, I would expect a full tour, to maximize the profit a reunion would bring. A collaboration during either set would be cool.

Horned Gramma said...

Broken Bells would be so excellent. But I've come to realize that the speculation on this blog amounts to literally nothing.

Anonymous said...

I would DIE for Arcade Fire.........Broken Bells would be awsome....dont think we will see any big names like that....which SUCKS

The Folkist said...

Lot of people have been mentioning Edward Sharpe as a dreaded version of Arcade Fire, would be interesting.

Blogging each of the Sasquatch! bands at

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Gainsbourg