Sasquatch 2016 Rumors:

Sasquatch! 2016 Rumors:

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New rumors, confirmations....

Todd Barry is now confirmed for the comedy/dance tent via his myspace page.

And the Walkmen are rumored, as they are touring with Kings of Leon.

However, rumors of Public Enemy, King of Khan, Neko Case, The Black Lips and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are unfounded at this point, unless someone has some links...


Drew said...

neko case is confirmed on ear candies newest page on sasquatch.

Dustin said...

I e-mailed Travis about that, but he has not sent me a link yet.

Anonymous said...

Zach Galifianakis is confirmed.


Zach has some new dates for performing. Here they are:

February 19 - New York, NY - 92/Y Tricbeca - (this will be a short set)
March 5 - New York, NY - New York University -
March 16 - Boston, MA - Boston Northeastern University (closed for students only)
April 16 - Pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Mellon University (closed for students only)
May 24 - Sasquatch Music Festval - George, Washington (details to follow)

really said...

Yes, I'm being a prick about this and yes you will likely think it's a load of shit but I've been given the names of five top tier bands that are playing (Kings of Leon is one. I can mention that one because they're already listed as confirmed from other sources). This is first hand from a guy who KNOWS.

I'm not going to say who they are because I promised I wouldn't but what intrigues me is that four of them could very well be headliners. None of them have been mentioned on this blog from what I can tell but I haven't read every post and comment. The other is in keeping with the same vibe as Kanye in 2005.

Is it possible that Sasq will be a four day fest this year?

Anonymous said...

Black Lips playing Neumos:

Apr 25 2009 8:00P
Neumos Seattle, Washington

really said...

just saw that the dates have been confirmed and it's a three day festival not four so I guess one of the four I was referring to is a sub-headliner.

Anonymous said...

Really: how about NOT being a prick and throwing some names out. Just give us one or two.

And what do you mean by a "Kanye vibe"? Do you mean a hip-hop / rap headliner? If so, the only name that comes to mind on Kanye's level that could play to a rock festival crowd is Jay-Z. And that would be sweet.